Très utile principalement pour les buffs ou débuffs court, il permet d’avoir au centre de l’écran, ou autour de son personnages, des effets visuels extrêmement paramétrables, plutôt que tout le temps avoir à regarder si on a l’icône du buff ou débuff sur les bords de l’écran. A savoir des informations précises sur les combats de haut niveau. Commentaire de Meburningyou I Just keep your pet healed and MD as much as you can and its all a breeze. Trash takes me min or so and additional min for boss. And also because im! After a bit of tinkering on my part, I can finally say that this boss is soloable.

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Signaler Commenter la réponse de thesimx. MoveAnything shouldn’t be used during combat, period, so most commandline options are disabled during combat as is opening the SPELL BOOK — the spellbook is part of the panel hooks and because it’s part of the tainting model will immediately error when atlaslooot When walking through the mob filled hallway after Skadi takes off, it’s quicker and easier to pull every mob in this hallway to the end, and AoE them all down, assuming you are a high enough level to take on this many mobs at a time. Commentaire de tenta haha at all the jealous noobs downing peoples posts how sad: When banish phase starts, every1 stops 50.5 dps and runs to the walls, atlaskoot him alone in the middle. Commentaire de Jushak Call it a twist of fate but this mount dropped on the first ever UP run I did on my warrior alt for the tank sword there, after I had given up on this mount on my main.


Commentaire de oranj as a combat rogue in ilvlthis is completely trivial and requires no tactics or unusual talents whatsoever. Full 5.0. client 5. Commentaire de dragondude2 Tips for getting to Skadi quickly if you’re farming for this mount: Commentaire de silvah got mine today: Make sure to spam Misdirect glyphed to your pet or you will pull aggro.

atlasloot 5.0.5

Commentaire de fastdak25 Dropped today for my group on Arthas, was about the 10th time i have run the instance total. Three portals will open and beams will weave their path to Netherspite atlsloot buff him. Commentaire de calwez Yesterday I did both the ach.

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I advise the use of Glyph of Mending and Glyph of Misdirection as two critical Major Glyphs, the other choices are yours to make. Then it all comes down to how good you are at camping and tagging. Commentaire de Chuhck Just to let every rogue and warrior know, the green beam WILL give you an endless supply of rage or energy.

So you’d be better off getting that nonsense out of your head. Don’t use Cloak of Shadows aylasloot you’re tanking a beam. You can find average population data, server rates, language, play style, and shop information.


Posez votre question Signaler. Another try, I got the red and blue buffs, but even if this way I could deal more damage and reduce his damage done to me he got the green beam, so it xtlasloot impossible to kill him.

Certain fights dating as far back as Ahn’Qiraj give different loot depending on the order in which you kill mobs in the encounter, which clearly means the loot must atlas,oot determined during the encounter. Commentaire de ssjheero Incredibly fun fight for an Arcane mage at If you don’t have stealth, the abominations in the first hallway can be skipped by jumping up atoasloot crates to the left ahlasloot going along the snow.


Télécharger addon wow 5 – cheipoemad

Kill any ghouls that may have emerged right as Skadi entered. Commentaire de jdmkm Proto-Drake’s are awesome I love’em. Just did atlasoot with a blood dk without any problems, was just irritating that i had to kill every pack of creeps till the atlaslooot.

atlasloot 5.0.5

If not he will totally wipe the raid. The server is Lvl also known as Funserver. Commentaire de Fiblara As of 5. Trenton – Skullcrusher US. And lucky me won the roll 98 to It was actually an easy solo on an 85 Hunter i I was fortunate to win the roll. For dps, our rotation was 1st portal: One of my hunter is less then a week old at 85 and on consecutive runs just before raid time the mount drops for both hunters.

I was pretty stoked. To find the chance of this dropping after tries is Admin le Mer 20 Fév – Commentaire de hoboville If you pull him nearly to the wall, beyond the telescope, you can grab all 3 beams at once.

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